C Print / 18 x 21 inches



Our existence is limited by the spatial and temporal perception. Today, urban areas are the centre of differences and diversity in Public Spheres where simulations become more important. There is an illusion of the truth in imaginary places which leads to a change in our self identity. We live in a postmodern era where static buildings create a static lifestyle and our identities are affected by.


This project shows the hybrid system of East-West urbanisation and temporal diversity of lifestyles from past to the future using double exposure of modern architectures from different cities both east and west and old turkish movie stars from Yesilcam. This work represents the contradiction between the static structures and human emotions resulted in demolish of gestures.


Different layers are the visible screens of different times and spaces. Black and white pictures represent the isolationism of spirits in freedom, identity, politics and individual rights. With integrating the old Turkish movie scenes, Hazal emphasizes the dilemma of happiness/sadness, wealth/poverty, love/ hate, born/death, peace/war where these subjects are mainly argued in these movies.


In researches, it is found that Turkish people are using gestures widely in the world so that they are claimed to be great at observing. By the effects of static urbanism, it’s not only the gestures also the feelings strongly demolish.