C print / 10 x 12 inches



In a research of culture, ‘Endless Chaos’ represents my hometown Istanbul, Turkey. Chaos Turkish for Kaos alludes the harmony in the city of no rules, as a manner of life. The cities can only exist as long as there are the people who live accordingly. In this circumstances, it may be an act of escape or adaptation, or even both.


This work investigates the deep harmony of complexity. The city norms, institutions, the citizens and also the system change eventually. People in the city life insist on the never ending physical movements and this chaos becomes the certain form of the everyday. Can no rules create a harmony? What creates the harmony in the city of no rules?


existence insofar

you find a joy

you help the other

you kiss someone

under a clear sky


The typography work of ‘K’ , first letter of ‘Kaos’, created by thin metal wires. As a body, The ‘K’ letters get together to form one abstract shape that shows our common culture. In this work,the wires poetically represents the industrial material. Meantime, it floats in different shapes with its flexibility, questions our understanding of movement and then the adaptation. Shooting the object on white paper was proceeded in natural daylight. The reflection of the object refers both the sky and the ground.