Hazal Firat, is a visual artist/designer (born in Istanbul, 1989).

Hazal works interdisciplinary in photography, drawing and materials depending on the variation of the subjects. She met with analog photography process at the age of sixteen while she studied dance in Tan Sagturk Academy in Istanbul. Since then, she is interested in figures, and also the light which effects on the subjects. After finishing Lycée Notre Dame Sion French High School in Istanbul, 2003, she worked at art galleries and studied product design in Yeditepe University, Istanbul. In the meantime, she graduated The Bachelor Degree in Yeditepe University (Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design).


As an artist, Hazal Firat describes her works in a sphere of fantasy.
Her artistic expression started with discovering her existence as an individual identity as well as socially in her home town, Istanbul.
Tightened between the eastern spirituality and the western materialism she alienates and questions the presence of time, space and gender.
Nothing is what it seems and all we see is limited by our understanding in a physical world of ‘here and now’. Indeed, you can reach a surreal or an avant-garde result when you alter the time and the space and also the gender, and these results can also become a solid reality with an artwork and a product.

She currently works as a freelance graphic designer and assists the painter Yigit Yazici. 
She is also having workshops for elementary children between 5-9 ages in turkish, english and french.

You can also check the creative portfolio at https://www.behance.net/hazalfirat 

Tote bag, made of cotton with leather accessories, cotton lined, 5 editions 16,1x14,6 inches